Math 212 Calculus II 


Course Information

The class meets MWF at both 12:30 and 1:35 in Jepson 103.
Dates for exams are M 21 Sept, F 14 Oct, and F 10 Nov.
The Final Exam is scheduled for either T Dec 13, 2 – 5 or M Dec 19, 9 – 12.

Dr. Kerckhove's schedule, including office hours, is posted here .
You may also request an appointment by sending e-mail to .

Course Work

The syllabus is available here .               Assigned problems through EXAM 1

Solutions to homework problems are available by date:



Homework Help via the Web

An overview of the computing environment for Mathematica at Richmond may be found at computing overview .  The webpage Mathematica / Obtaining a Mathematica Notebook explains how to download a Mathematica notebook from this page to your account.  To start, just click on the name of the notebook.

Sample Calculations in Mathematica

Numerical Integration

Euler's Method

Power Series


You may wish to send Mathematica files to me as e-mail attachments.  In order to be able to read my replies from your own computer, you may wish to download a copy of MathReader .  MathReader is not necessary if you will only read Mathematica files in Jepson G-25, Jepson G-30, or on another machine on which Mathematica is installed.