Michael Kerckhove


Teaching - Fall 2005:  (Fall Schedule )

    Math 212      Calculus II

    CORE          UR freshman reading course


Teaching - Spring 2005:



My research interests include Differential Geometry and its Applications.  Particularly, I have been working with the Medical Image Display Analysis Group (MIDAG) at UNC-Chapel Hill on research involving geometric models and probabilistic descriptions of populations of shapes in images.


My service to the University includes advising, committee work, and departmental responsibilities. 


I live near campus with my wife Renee, our daughter Clara, and our cats, Zip and Marie. We enjoy storytelling, gardening, fishing and other outdoor activities. Here are some links to other websites:

 UR Dept of Math & CS
 Geometry Center
 Math Forum
 Science News

Michael Kerckhove
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Richmond, Virginia 23173
Phone: 804/ 289-8774   Fax: 804/ 287-6444
e-mail: mkerckho@richmond.edu