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Resources at the University of Richmond

UR makes a wide variety of resources available to its students. These include:

The AARC provides academic support for students with questions about which courses to take, registration issues, and a  host of others.

The Academic Skills Center offers free tutoring in a variety of subjects to all University of Richmond students. Both individual and group tutoring options are available in one-hour sessions. Advising in study skills (i.e., test-taking, note-taking, information processing, concentration, etc.), stress management, and time management is also available.

The CDC exists to help students identify and achieve their career goals.

The CCE serves as the hub for coordinating community engagement at the University of Richmond, connecting the              University and Greater Richmond region communities through collaborative, sustained, and educationally meaningful responses to community-identified needs.

Counseling and Psychological Services ("CAPS") offers a wide range of counseling and psychological services to full-time students at the University of Richmond. Other members of the University community are eligible for consultation and for assistance in referral.

The goal of all the financial resources at Richmond--need-based aid, merit scholarships, payment plans and more--is to reduce the factor of the cost of college so that the decision to enroll can be based upon what really matters: attending the school that is the best academic and personal fit.

Instructions on how to register your computer so you can get on-line; help with computer & network problems; training classes and computer labs...

Start your research, connect to online resources, locate books and articles...

The Office of International Education is the focal point of all international activities on campus. Its staff, in addition to advising the majors, assists them and all other students in choosing work and study abroad opportunities, advises international students, and administers the University's exchange programs. This office also organizes the Study Abroad Fair and a variety of international events.

The Speech Center offers assistance to those who wish to pursue effective speaking and articulate behavior across academic disciplines. Undergraduate and graduate students who come to the Speech Center (located on the ground floor of the Webb Tower between Booker Hall and Keller Road) work with trained student speech consultants to develop and refine their skills in preparing individual and group presentations.

The Office of Student Activities serves to enhance and provide a balance between the academic experience and student life. An extensive variety of cultural, educational, recreational and leadership programs provide opportunities to interface and interact within the University and its surrounding communities.

The Student Health Center offers a comprehensive program in health education and health maintenance, as well as treatment for illness and injury. The Health Center staff includes board certified family practice physicians and registered nurses. Services include acute care for illness and injury and general medical care.

The University recognizes the importance of providing students with opportunities to broaden their education through study abroad and encourages students to take advantage of worldwide opportunities for such study.

The Jessie Ball duPont Chaplaincy is central to the life and purpose of the University of Richmond, encouraging men and women from diverse backgrounds to develop their intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical potentials and to explore creatively the frontiers of faith and reason. Ecumenical in nature, the University Chaplaincy designs comprehensive programming in order to widen vision, deepen faith, strengthen character, stimulate creativity, enhance capacity for leadership and service, and equip students to think rationally, act responsibly, and work productively in a complex society.

The Writing Center offers the following services:

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