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Family information: Barnett, Hall and allies

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I grew up in Woodruff, South Carolina, USA, where my father was born, and his father before him, and so on. My mother was a Hall from near Anderson, SC. Most of my relatives and ancestors were farmers in upcountry South Carolina.


I am directly descended from people with the following surnames: Addis, Barnett, Brockman, Burriss/Burress/Burrows, Campbell, Chamblee, Carnell, Gates, Goolsby/Gouldsby, Hall, Lanford/Lankford, Leatherwood, Martin/Merten, Massey, McClure, McDaniel, Page, Parsons, Skinner.

Here are a few more details about recent generations:

Barnett family

Benjamin Lewis Barnett, III
Me. Born 2 August, 1959 in Spartanburg, SC.
Benjamin Lewis Barnett, Jr.
My father. Born 22 July, 1926, Woodruff, SC. Married Annalyne Louise Hall of Anderson, SC, 25 October, 1958. Her parents were Grady Sanford Hall and Vergie Louise McClure, both of Anderson.
Benjamin Lewis Barnett, Sr
My grandfather. Born 22 September, 1905. Died 7 November 1980. Buried in Greenhaven Memorial Gardens, Woodruff, S.C. I've been told that he was originally named Lewis Benjamin, but changed the order around because there was another fellow in town that he didn't like much with the same initials. He worked his way up from being a rural route postal carrier to be the postmaster of Woodruff. Married Mattie Bernice Skinner, also of Woodruff.
Mattie Bernice Skinner Barnett
My grandmother. Born 14 Nov. 1902. Died 11 Oct. 1996. Buried in Greenhaven Memorial Gardens, Woodruff, S.C. Worked for years as a teller at the Woodruff State Bank, and kept Grandpop in line. She was as sweet as could be and as patient as the day is long.
William Henry Barnett
My great grandfather. Born 13 March, 1842. Died July 27, 1927. Buried in Bethel Cemetery, Woodruff, S.C. In addition to his military service, he was active in the Cavins Masonic Lodge. He was married twice, had fourteen children, and fathered his last child (my great aunt, Mary Lee Barnett) at age 70. My grandfather was one of the children by William Henry's second wife, Nancy Mary Parsons, of Lanford Station, S.C.
Joseph Barnett
My great-great grandfather. He fought in one of the Seminole Wars, and was married to Emily Campbell.

Hall family

Annalyne Louise Hall
My mother, born 7/23/1934, graduate of Winthrop College, taught school in Woodruff until I was born.
Grady Sanford Hall
My grandfather, was a farmer near Anderson SC.
Vergia Louise McClure
My grandmother, graduate of Anderson College, taught school in various schools in the Anderson, SC, area. I get my sweet tooth from her. She always had a pie available for dessert.

Relatives on the Web

Here are some links I've found to people I'm related to, or who at least thought we might be related at some point.

What I have to share is mostly from secondary sources, but I'm happy to hear from people who think we may be related!
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