What to do in a computer session
(How to avoid panic!)
Try to remain calm at all times in front of the machine. If you are having tremendous difficulties, get some help. The purpose of the computer exercises is to teach you mathematics, not obscure computer commands. Focus on trying to understand what the output means rather than on how to generate the output. The following list describes details of how to get the machine to work. Now, how to use Mathematica. You need to be aware that the computer is very picky about the ways that you interact with it. If you do not get the command in a form that it recognizes, the machine will give you lots of error messages. Having said that, I will only expect you to do a few very basic commands. In order to use them, you will have to know how to define functions. Finally, you will have to save your work and print it out to hand in. Here is the description of how to do that.