James A. Davis

Associate Professor of Mathematics

James A. Davis
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Richmond, VA 23173
Office Phone: (804) 289-8094
FAX: (804) 287-6444

For a view of slides of my talk on joint work with Jonathan Jedwab to the NATO conference in Bad Windsheim in August, 1998, click Unifying for the talk on Unifying Constructions for difference sets and Golay/Reed-Muller for the talk on Golay Sequences and Reed-Muller codes. For a view of slides of my talk on joint work with Qing Xiang to the Finite Fields Conference in Augsburg, Germany in August 1999, click RDSGaloisRing-Construction.

For documents related to my section of Linear Algebra, click Linear Algebra. When I am not working, I am usually chasing around my four children, ages 11 down through 4. Here is the list:

My mathematical interests include difference sets, perfect binary arrays, coding theory, and the use of algebra and algebraic number theory to answer questions in combinatorics. In addition to this, I also am interested in general problem solving such as problems found in the Putnam exam. I am also interested in recreational math. Click on the topic that you are most interested in.
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